Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Looking at the card its better to stay away from race such a tricky and dangerous card winner prediction looks so much difficult.

1st RACE :

7.CARISA : good horse but tends to loose at the post cant see it improving today also should place cant win.
4.PRINCESS OF SYRIA : debut run good at tracks looks good to win on debut.
2nd RACE:

CLASS V race as usual should be away from this type of races but today is different can bet this race.
11.MAVERICAL who lost by neck looks best than the others should win today without any trouble.
6.ZAMINDAR : looks good to place in this set should not disappoint.

3rd RACE :

5.QUEENS COLOUR and 11.TIME MATTERS both looks good but later should emerge victorious as former will be backed strongly.

4th RACE :

6.CARISMA : lots of talk about this horse should win in this set but at very low odds.
2.BANDITO : looks very good horse on debut but cant win as it needs this run should place by default.

5th RACE : 

8.PREZZIE : a good 4th last time in upper class now running in lower class looks like trainers is looking for a win.
1.CATIONIC : was favourite to win last time in upper class with strong jockey now trainer has opted to use apprentice in lower class cant be ignored if in the longer odds.

6th RACE : 

9.ACE PRINCESS : usually see horses coming from 3years old tends to loose out when run in the higher class of handicap races but this horse looks outstanding should repeat its winning performance in this class too.
1.CHESTNUT CHARMER : if jockey handles it well it can earn him a good place so rest is up to jockey horse looks well and good.

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