Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Very interesting card framed for Saturday's racing.
Jockey SURAJ NARREDU has got good mounts hope he does the justice by winning.
INDIAN BOLT and JERSEY GIRL should fight it out in today's feature of the races

1st RACE :

CLASS V race to start with as usual not to bet huge on this type of races where no horse can be backed with confidence
4.BETTER THAN EVER: good at tracks and intent to win is visible with champion jockey up should start the days proceeding by winning.
11.DEMAND DRAFT : good run last time and good at tracks should place easily.

2nd RACE:

race for maiden 3 years old  horses 12. ULTRASONIC is bred fantastic should win handsomely 

3rd RACE :

4.SHIVALIK FIRE : another good horse in the hands of SURAJ NARREDU should be the short priced winner of the day.
7.STRIVE AND SERVE : lost by head to the winner last outing jockey change can be the real threat in this race.

4th RACE :

straight fight between two top jockeys 11.FIRE STORM should beat 8.WING COMMANDER

5th RACE : 

FEATURE of the day
3.INDIAN BOLT : looks good today good in tracks E/W bet is as place dividends will also be more
10.JERSEY GIRL : another good horse with top jockey cant be ignored will surely fight out the issue

6th RACE : 

6.LIGHT OF SUCCESS : running its pet distance should not disappoint today
11.CORAL SPRINGS : should create real threat to the winner should be on board.

7th RACE :

3.LOVE IS LIFE : excellent at tracks and with PS CHOUHAN at the saddle is an easy winner
6.SUPREME REGIME : good bred horse should easily place in this set

8th RACE :

concluding race of the tricky one E/W bet is suggested on 6.RAAGA should not disappoint

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